Complete Glock Armorer Cleaning/ Inspections

This service includes a COMPLETE disassembly & check for worn, or broken parts.  After inspecting your firearm, I will clean it to Glock standards. If parts need replacement, owner will be notified before changing parts without permission.  After my inspection, I will provide a Glock  Pistol Inspection Form, with the results of my inspection and recommendations.  The price of this service is $50.00/per pistol normal charge at a gun shop is over $90

Call us to schedule an appointment to drop off the pistol. 

Trigger Job Polishing

By getting your trigger polished, it will smoothen your trigger pull and allow all metal to metal contact to run smoothly without friction.  Over time just "Field Stripping" and cleaning of the gun wont remove all the junk and residue build up, that a professional Glock Armorer can remove by fully breaking the weapon down and getting this trigger job performed.  This service can be performed in a 1-2 day turnaround for $50.

Glock Sights Installation

We have all the tools needed to place any night sights to your Glock Pistols.  We are fully certified Glock Armorers who can work on any pistol from Glock.  The Glock Night Sight installation fee is $30/pistol. You can bring your sights to us to have it installed on your pistol, or we can order the perfect sights for you. 

Glock Parts

All of the parts we order are directly from Glock and are original OEM parts.

Do you have questions or have issues with your Glock pistols?  Glock pistols are VERY dependable pistols however, they do need the proper care and maintenance a certified armorer can only do.  Give us a call and we can set up a time to inspect and  your pistol might need.  If we don't have your part in stock we will order it directly from GLOCK and have it shipped to us.  We only use OEM parts that come directly from the GLOCK Factory.